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Our portfolio includes the successful installations for cloud based Environmental Planning, Crop Record-keeping, Agronomy consulting, Crop and Research.  Geo-bot sensors for field orchard garden and  greenhouse.  Agricultural sensors and probes to help fight drought.

past Projects

Geo-bot Probes & Sensors

Precision Monitoring

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Ours services - device Cloud

  • Air Temperature
  • Water Level
  • Leaf Temperature
  • Soil Temperature
  • PAR (moles)
  • Water Temperature

  • Project planning
  • Remote management


Meet Our Team

Crop Record-keeping

Our team all have solid backgrounds in both device cloud data management and hands-on expertise in deploying Geo-Bot sensors. Ready for environmental planning, crop record-keeping, agronomy consulting soil sample probes, crop consulting ge-obot and geobots for field orchard MMJ gardens and greenhouse. provide solar powered wireless precision crop monitoring and data collection services to farmers in the USA, INDIA and EU. We  deploy projects and keep them running . We know the ins and outs of plant ecology, indoor cannabis and MMJ and field crop monitoring like no one else, and our knowledge can make the difference between a successful project and a costly one.

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Sense and record

Wireless data collection to the CLOUD
  • Data Management
  • Integration consulting
  • Wireless Systems Integrators
Medical Marijuana Geo-Bot Leaf Sensor

  • Soil Moisture
  • Soil / Water pH
  • % Relative Humidity
  • Canopy %RH
  • Canopy Temperature
  • Leaf Turgidity


Ourgeobots uses a patent leaf sensor technology & sensor probes to monitor local environments to conserve water & energy for  farms, landscape managers, MMJ  growers, agronomist and ecologists.  Weather Stations / Probes GeoBot /  Internet of Things  / Wireless / Cloud environmental monitoring
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