Patented Leaf Sensor Rev3

HEMP: aeroponics / hydroponics / soil



Sense and record



Mesh Network


  • Data Management
  • Integration consulting
  • Wireless mesh network



  • Precision Agriculture
  • Remote management


Meet Our Team

precision agriculture Crop monitoring &  record-keeping

Medical Marijuana Geo-Bot Leaf Sensor

  • Soil Moisture
  • Soil / Water pH
  • % Relative Humidity
  • Canopy %RH
  • Canopy Temperature
  • Leaf Turgidity


Our team all have solid backgrounds in both device cloud data management and hands-on expertise in deploying Geo-Bot sensors. Ready for wireless solar equipment for  environmental planning, crop record-keeping, soil sample probes,  orchard, gardens and greenhouse. Precision one-package

Our geo-bot uses a patented leaf sensor technology & sensor probes to monitor local environments to conserve water & energy for  farms, landscape managers, hemp growers, agronomist and ecologists.  Weather Stations / mesh network /  IoT / cloud / /Wireless solar equipment 

Our portfolio includes the successful installations for cloud based Environmental Planning, Crop Record-keeping, Agronomy consulting, Crop and Research.  Geo-bot sensors for field orchard garden and  greenhouse. Precision agricultural sensors and equipment  to help fight drought.and conserve water


past Projects

Geo-bot Probes & Sensors

Precision Crop Monitoring provides solar powered wireless precision crop monitoring and data collection services to farmers in the USA, INDIA and EU. We  deploy projects and keep them running . We know the ins and outs of plant ecology, Hemp and field crop monitoring like no one else, and our knowledge can make the difference between a successful project and a costly one.

Cloud Based DATA  Charts trending



iRRIGATIOn monitoring environmental monitoring

services - device Cloud

  • Air Temperature
  • Water Level
  • Leaf Temperature
  • Soil Temperature
  • PAR (moles)
  • Water Temperature

Wireless data collection to the CLOUD
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